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In this crucial time of transition it is so important to question the world around us. During the past several years, our podcasts series have been one avenue to explore the most relevant themes and pressing issues for the investment industry. Investing for Tomorrow is our most recent podcast series and, in each episode, we dive deeply into our own research work and that of our members. Typically we start by setting the scene outside the investment industry, before zooming into the specific topic and then finish by encouraging listeners to step into more creative spaces and think outside the box for solutions. In this series so far we have examined topics such as hybrid working; the complexities of stewardship and engagement; and the climate transition – among others (see below for all episodes). You can tune in below or via all major podcast streaming platforms.

It’s those curious, interrogative words. Those ‘whys’, those ‘hows’, those ‘what ifs’ that really cause breakthroughs and new inventions…they enhance our work.

Marisa Hall, Head of the Thinking Ahead Institute

Featured episodes

Hybrid working and the transformation of the modern-day organisation

We chat to Marisa Hall, Head of TAI, and Roger Urwin, Co-founder of the Institute, about hybrid working and how it will affect the investment industry and organisations into the future.

Global Pension Assets Study 2023

We chat with Anastassia Johnson and Jessica Gao, researchers at TAI about key figures from the study, core themes from the year and challenges for the year ahead.

Stewardship and engagement may be challenging but it presents significant opportunities for people and planet

We chat to Adam Gillett, Head of Sustainable Investment and Eleanor Mahmoud, from the Sustainable Investment team at WTW about all the challenges, the opportunities and the future of stewardship and engagement.

Looking back at our research highlights for 2022

Marisa Hall, joins as guest host, with Isabella Martin to reflect on the team’s research highlights set against a year of challenges.

Investing for Tomorrow – Season 2

Investing for Tomorrow – Season 1

We need to have a systems framework for investing if we want the best outcomes for our clients.

Marisa Hall