Climate change and the investment industry

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Episode 1 | Framing the problem and the importance of beliefs

The task at my biggest possible framing level, is to replumb the economic machine effectively so that it doesn’t produce climate related externalities.

Tim Hodgson, co-founder of the Thinking Ahead Institute

Tim Hodgson and Matt Stoughton-Harris discuss the task that the investment industry faces in response to climate change.

Episode 2 | How much of the crisis does the industry own?

The simple truth is that the current investment industry infrastructure is set up to really manage portfolios and securities. New primary investment is really just a tiny part of our current activities. Most investors are not really doing any.

Liang Yin, Director of Investments

In episode two of our series covering the 1.5 ˚C working group papers, Liang Yin and Matt Stoughton-Harris explore how much of the climate crisis the investment industry owns and the critical role that private investment will play in achieving asset owner’s net-zero goals.  In order to successfully achieve such goals, the investment industry must understand the role it must play by directing private investment appropriately. To further explore the themes discussed in this podcast, please read the working group paper: More primary investment: How much of the climate problem does the investment industry own, and what should it do about it?

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