The climate transition and its risks for investors

There has never been more focus on the ramifications of climate change and yet it seems that the investment industry is not acting swiftly or definitively enough to address them. This month we chat to Tim Hodgson, Co-head of the Thinking Ahead Institute (TAI), and Jeff Chee, who is Global Head of Portfolio Strategy at WTW about the climate transition and its risks for investors.

Specifically, as covered in the latest research paper released by the TAI, why the investment industry has a responsibility to address the impacts of climate change sooner rather than later to best protect the interests of investors and their beneficiaries.

As we step into creativity, we also chat to Susanna Basso, Creative Director of Climate Culture, about the power of storytelling to drive climate action and shift culture.

I would be asking the investment industry…to adopt a so-called 3D mandate. Where we add impact as a third dimension alongside traditional risk and return, and have positive impact, recognized as having also a positive effect on risk adjusted returns through this second materiality concept, and therefore completely, in line with fiduciary duty.

Jeff Chee, Global Head of Portfolio Strategy at WTW

When you find yourself a bit overwhelmed by the climate apocalypse in front of us. Why don’t you challenge yourself to think instead of climate regeneration rather than climate apocalypse, switch it in your head from something paralyzing and negative to something full of positive possibility.

Susanna Basso, Creative Director of Climate Culture

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