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In our increasingly complex world, traditional problem-solving methods often fall short. Enter systems thinking—a holistic approach that delves into the interconnections and interactions within systems to uncover the root causes of issues and devise more effective solutions.

Systems thinking encourages us to view problems as parts of an overall system, rather than isolated events. By understanding the relationships and patterns within systems, we can identify leverage points for change, predict potential outcomes, and create sustainable solutions that address not just the symptoms, but the underlying causes. It fosters a mindset of continuous learning and adaptation, emphasising the importance of feedback loops, resilience, and the long-term impacts of our actions.

Explore Institute resources below to learn about concepts, tools, and real-world applications of systems thinking. This includes training videos covering a broad spectrum of topics included in systems change theory and practice. Discover how this powerful approach can transform the way we perceive and address the challenges of our interconnected world.

While economics is at least grounded by the laws of physics, finance and investing are more abstract derivatives of a physical reality. Instead, they are about interrelationships and should be understood as systems, and as part of larger systems.

Tim Hodgson, Co-founder at the Thinking Ahead Institute

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Systemic risk | deepening our understanding

This paper raises the prominence of systemic risk and underlines the importance of thinking of risk as intertemporal. Which means that risk management must be a continual, through-time process. This is particularly relevant for climate change.

Systemic risk | adapting our practices

In this paper, we discuss the growing concern around systemic risk, and how we can modify our risk models, investment practices, and portfolio construction to address it.

Systems curriculum

A series of six virtual events, held in 2024. We explore the intricacies of interconnected systems and gain valuable insights into how they shape our world and investment.

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