Coronavirus – wider perspectives | Act III

Roger Urwin shares his wider perspectives on the coronavirus, and its implications for the investment industry, asset owners and asset managers as we go into Act III of a possible five act play.

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Act III | All change

We find ourselves in the closing phases of act III extremely fatigued by stress and the loss of our sense of control and agency. Usually we feel we have some control over what happens to us but, in 2020, life happened to us and history was written without us.
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However, the human spirit continues to show its mettle with optimistic and silver-lining talk. In the stock-take of small mercies there are a number of components that constitute our resilience – you could call these ‘micro-resiliences’. These are our many small coping mechanisms and daily habits as well as those minor triumphs, exercise hits, reconnections to what matters and instances of ‘paying it forward’ in which the response to a kindness received is to heap multiple kindnesses on others.
And there are significant opportunities for organisations to do all this and to scale up by redefining their boundaries and make more widescale change for the benefit of their biggest asset – their people. The early signs are good that organisations are stepping up by becoming more emotionally intelligent and humanistic. But their success relies on something quite special. It needs a new form of leadership.
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