Sustainability shapers on decarbonisation and the magic of sci-fi

Join us for this captivating conversation with Daniel Hochman, Head of Sustainability Research at Bridgewater Associates, on the latest episode of Sustainability shapers. Explore Daniel’s background and the vital role of decarbonisation for a sustainable future.

Uncover Bridgewater’s research methodology as we dissect emissions distribution and pinpoint transformative sectors. We discuss the crucial need to seamlessly integrate sustainability into core business practices, fostering a comprehensive 360-degree understanding. Additionally, gain insights into the impact of science fiction in nurturing the ability to envision different possible futures.

It’s hard to imagine understanding economies and markets today without having a really rich understanding of the various different ways that decarbonisation plays out – that’s hitting in a top-down way from a policy standpoint, that’s hitting in a bottom-up way from various actions that companies are taking.

Daniel Hochman, Head of Sustainability Research at Bridgewater Associates

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I think sometimes creativity can come from this sort of de novo generation of good ideas, but other times it can also be, in a way, the synthesis of previously unconnected topics. Sometimes helped by imagining new worlds or new dynamics we haven’t seen.

Daniel Hochman, Head of Sustainability Research at Bridgewater Associates

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