Coronavirus – wider perspectives | Act II

Roger Urwin shares his wider perspectives on the coronavirus, and its implications for the investment industry, asset owners and asset managers as we go into Act II of a possible five act play.

It feels like we are in Act II of a five-part Covid-19 play that Shakespeare could have written. This suggests we are not very far into the crisis with many uncertainties, twists and learnings left.

Act I delivered three defining moments. Australian bushfires in January, in March we realised that Covid-19 was truly deadly; then George Floyd was unlawfully killed on 25 May.

Act II is going to be about trying to make sense of it all by juggling more aspects, reactions and complexities as new characters, sub-plots and ideas emerge. We have three thoughts for the investment industry to ponder as the plot lines unfold: crisis circumstances, leadership responses and cultural aspects.

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