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Culture is a unique ingredient in the struggle for competitive advantage. Culture can be managed and developed over time but it will take focus, patience, leadership and better processes.

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Legends, legacies and high performance

Colleagues of the Thinking Ahead Group virtually sat down with best-selling author James Kerr to gather some key insights on what gets an investment team to the top of their game, and keeps them there.

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About the Thinking Ahead Institute

The Thinking Ahead Institute is a global not-for-profit group whose vision is to mobilise capital for a sustainable future. Its members comprise asset owners, asset managers and other groups motivated to influence the industry for the good of savers worldwide. It has 48 members with combined responsibility for over US$12 trillion and is an outgrowth of Willis Towers Watson Investments’ Thinking Ahead Group.

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With great power research paper image desert

With great power comes great responsibility
Duty of ownership working group paper

The Duty of Ownership working group created this paper with the aim to provide guidance to assist organisations in their sustainable investing policies and practices in a way that can easily be socialised and the knowledge easily transferred.

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The world’s largest pension funds

A joint annual research study of the world’s 300 largest pension funds

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