Diving into our research highlights for 2023

Embark on a compelling journey through the breadth of research conducted by the Thinking Ahead Institute in the past year, transcending the realms of the investment industry.

Join Marisa Hall, the Head of the Institute, as she engages in insightful conversations with our researchers, offering a comprehensive overview of our 2023 research highlights. Delve into diverse topics, including the evolution of ESG, the future landscape of pensions, climate scenarios, and diversity, equity, and inclusion. Our exploration extends to pivotal subjects like stewardship, the investment organisation of tomorrow, systemic risk, and the crucial role of collaboration in shaping the trajectory of the industry.

We see thought leadership as thinking that influences and that motivates. Thinking that is useful. And this is why in the Institute we often talk about systems thinking, systems leadership, and looking at the world through multiple lenses.

Marisa Hall, Head of the Thinking Ahead Institute

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