Projects are a high priority for the Institute team and lie at the core of acting on our mission to mobilise capital for a sustainable future. We believe that by applying Institute research to your organisational context we can provide new perspectives to help improve organisational effectiveness and competitive edge. 

Projects are:

Projects are included in Institute membership but are available to non-members for a fee.

While not exhaustive, here are a list of potential session topics to choose from, grouped under three broad headings.

1. Sustainability

At the Institute we believe that our shared future will be one of 3D investing, where we manage risk, return and impact. In order to do so a lot needs to change within investment organisations. The industry will need increased training budgets and a reshaping of the workforce. There will be a significant growth in the number of 3D mandates. This 3D thinking and mandates will be a source of growth for the industry. If you want to know more about 3D investing in principle and practice please contact us.

The complexity of implementing a strategy for sustainability is considerable. Given the impossibility of reducing market behaviour and portfolio uncertainty to a series of equations, a system of beliefs is needed as the foundation of an accountable, methodical investment process. The Institute team can help your organisation assess the effectiveness of your belief systems and reimagine the beliefs themselves. If you are interested, please contact us.

2. Organisational governance, culture and effectiveness

Culture is an under researched, under measured and widely under rated change lever that empowers leadership for change and increases differentiation across our industry.  Since 2017 we’ve assessed the culture of around 30 investment organisations which has helped them to better understand their own cultural signature, where they sit on a spectrum and how they could sharpen their own competitive edge. This involves the use of a bespoke dashboard, which scores and communicates your cultural attributes and competitive edges as well as the level of engagement with culture at the organisation. If you are interested in conducting this project with your organisation, please contact us.

Asset owners and asset managers worldwide are being confronted by multiple stakeholders to take on greater responsibility and be more influential in the investment chain than ever before. This has added significant complexity to decision making and raises hard questions about resourcing and whether their governance arrangements are still fit for purpose. The Institute can help your organisation determine whether your governance arrangements are best practice, to learn more please contact us.

3. Strategic and market insights

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Total portfolio approaches have been evolved by some leading organisations around the world as a more ‘joined up’ investment philosophy that results in a more streamlined approach to portfolio construction. At the Institute we assert that TPA is more efficient at delivering risk-adjusted returns and long-term outcomes. If you’re looking to implement TPA in your organisation, you may find our TPA best practice checklist helpful. Additionally, if you would like us to work with your organisation on TPA education and application, please contact us.