Podcast and deck: Future-proofing your investment career

Roger Urwin draws on his 30 years of experience to share advice on how people can future-proof their investment careers through a podcast and supporting presentation. In light of our current climate Roger has recorded a second part to the podcast (below) and added to the presentation deck (from slide 10) reflecting on issues around COVID-19. Explore the presentation:
Careers of the future Your career checklist
Future career checklist
Source: The Thinking Ahead Institute
The career flywheel is how it takes your inputs and multiplies them 1.  Apply the flywheel The professional applies their diverse skills turning the flywheel year-by-year, multiplying their efforts in alliance with their organisation 2. Maintain a learning strategy and growth mind-set Build the career strategy and ‘flow’ – getting the career flywheel turning 3. Build an alliance with each employer Develop a ‘give and get’ deal that works for both sides 4. Establish work-life integration Get a life. Life is work, work is life, the divisions are becoming softer. Be purposeful The career flywheel Source: CFA Institute View full size
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Future-proofing your investment career 2 – getting through a crisis