The leadership of investment organisations are focusing more on their people than ever before

People are at the heart of the change needed to respond to the many challenges investment organisations face today. To maximise the impact individuals can deliver, leaders need to create an inclusive, supportive and strong culture where colleagues can thrive. Organisational culture is increasingly a differentiating factor among investment organisations. Teams are being seen as their prime unit of value creation. This hub contains research on these broad topics, which includes the Covid-19 tragedy, decision-making, diversity, equity and inclusion, and T-shaped people. It also contains information on related projects, such as The Power of Teams.

Now more than ever, investment leaders have the opportunity to make life-changing differences for billions of people’s savings and investments.

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Culture – the organisational superpower

This paper captures the latest Power of Culture study findings. It is focused on the asset owner model (with reference to mainstream and alternatives asset managers), purpose, sustainability, Superteams and change.

Better decision-making: a toolkit

Most investment professionals would express some dissatisfaction with both the process and the outcome of key decisions. We describe a range of possible responses to the challenge – these responses can be thought of as a toolkit.

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Future of work

We’ve produced some top tips for hybrid working and identified four key areas to help leadership teams frame and navigate the transition back to better functioning organisations.

DC: the engagement tree

In this paper we set out our high level thoughts on member engagement and propose a set of best practice principles– driven by our belief that effective member engagement creates a stronger DC system.

Research journey

In 2015, we started exploring leadership, decision making and culture’s contribution to the performance of asset managers and owners. Since then we have developed a culture framework and model, formalised in The impact of culture on institutional investors paper, and explored the important role of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. In 2019, we launched the Power of Culture industry study, conducted over three years, to include 28 investment organisations and 550 business leaders. More recently we launched The Power of Teams study to better understand how cognitive diversity and collective intelligence play in building so-called Superteams.

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Future of work

Future of work

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Spotlight on Superteams

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The Power of Teams

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Focus on: Superteams

Our industry has developed a dependency on teams’ collective intelligence. However, there needs to be more focus on the important dynamics of teamwork and team thought, to develop Superteams that can deliver exceptional accomplishments and outcomes. Learn how strong culture and governance can turn your good teams into Superteams here.

Teams are the primary unit of value creation in the investment industry.

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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Leadership and decision making

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