Investment beliefs to change the climate trajectory

Part of a series of articles from The investing for tomorrow working group | paper six of seven

The investing for tomorrow working group set out to build a framework to help asset owners establish and execute a pathway to achieve their climate ambitions. The working group developed a six-step action plan to guide asset owners on their climate journey and produced a series of six papers, one detailing each step, and a seventh summary paper. You can read the summary paper, a six-step action plan for net zero, here.

Enthusiasm from 2021’s investing for tomorrow working group members prompted us to form a ‘splinter group’; nine passionate individuals who were dedicated to step six, forming meaningful climate beliefs. Over 16 weeks, they produced a challenging set of beliefs that, if adopted and applied, would transform institutional investing behaviours. These beliefs form the foundation for successful climate action.

As the sub-group set out to create ambitious climate beliefs capable of motivating action to change to the climate trajectory, it quickly realised that the process to build the beliefs was an important component of the final result. Consequently the paper includes a focus on getting this process right. The paper then introduces the six climate beliefs that the sub-group settled on; followed by the implications and associated actions arising from these beliefs.