The asset manager of tomorrow

This follow up the The asset owner of tomorrow, identifies six attributes as critical requirements to asset manager success. 

  1. Strong culture. While recognizing one size does not fit all with culture, asset managers crave a culture of professionalism in which commitment to competency and client loyalty are the defining values
  2. Technology commitment. A commitment to the considerable time and money necessary to introduce better technology
  3. Technology-savvy leaders. This is a very human craft with T-shaped people – well-qualified all-rounders -particularly suited.
  4. Well-positioned business models. Firms need to align themselves to benefit from the new trends in asset management in which the biggest growth area is in investment solutions.
  5. Recognition of comparative advantage. Firms need to be good at knowing what they are good at. And outside that, collaborating with or outsourcing to partners.
  6. Dealing with change. This involves the ability to step away from legacy systems and thinking and to reject the natural temptation to deny the problem.