An agenda for change

Transformational change for investment organisations

Successful implementation of any plan, particularly those centred on climate-change pledges, will require significant organisational change. Recognising this, we formed a high-powered Investment organisation of tomorrow working group, which adopted a starting thesis:

A paradigm shift is happening in the investment industry amid a rapidly changing context and a widening of organisational purpose. This shift will require leaders to be much more agile and committed to being systems savvy when considering change, or transformation, in their organisations.

The group’s main conclusions were: ƒ

  • Purpose and vision – multi-stakeholders increasingly frame asset owners’ direction of travel
  • Investment conventions – risk intelligence and real-world impact need to reach new levels
  • Infrastructure – asset owners’ infrastructure is critical to deliver change and the ‘soft stuff is the hard stuff’
  • Holistic picture – to effect change on the scale suggested, the leadership needed is holistic and strategic.

More can be read about the imperative for transformational change in investment organisations in this paper, which also contains eight high-level principles for practical application. Roger Urwin and some of the working group members discuss these findings in our Investment organisation of tomorrow summit videos, with presentation materials available on the same page.