Asset classes of tomorrow – Chinese capital markets

Eight questions answered

This paper is part of a series that explores how the investment opportunity set of institutional investors might evolve in the years and decades to come – the asset classes of tomorrow. 

The research looks to identify and answer eight key questions around Chinese capital markets.

The eight questions covered:

  1. The opening-up of China – what exactly does it mean?
  2. Why does China want to open up?
  3. What does index inclusion mean for investors?
  4. Is investing in China now as unrestricted as investing in developed markets?
  5. How committed is China to the opening-up process? Might China re-close the door?
  6. Why do western investors want to own Chinese onshore assets?
  7. What are the risks and challenges?
  8. So, what is the final verdict? Do opportunities outweigh risks and challenges?