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A collection of research materials on the impacts of COVID-19 on investment organisations

The coronavirus impacts have been multiple and far-reaching. The Thinking Ahead Institute (TAI) has always emphasised the merit in seeing the investment industry and its connected parts as a system. We refer to this system in the tag-line: everything connects and behaviours matter. This has enabled TAI to take a holistic view of the wider ramifications of COVID-19 on governments, markets, organisations, end investors, wider society and the planet.

On this hub are a collection of reports, multimedia and articles that are relevant for these extraordinary times.

Research reports


Wider perspectives research

Coronavirus crisis – wider perspectives 

Roger Urwin shares his wider perspectives on the coronavirus, and its implications for the investment industry, asset owners and asset managers.

Wider Perspectives Act II - research cover

Coronavirus crisis – wider perspectives Act II

Act II is going to be about trying to make sense of the coronavirus crisis by juggling more aspects, reactions and complexities as new characters, sub-plots and ideas emerge.
There are significant opportunities for organisations to scale up by redefining their boundaries and make more widescale change for the benefit of their biggest asset – their people. Organisations are stepping up by becoming more emotionally intelligent and humanistic. But their success relies on something quite special. It needs a new form of leadership.

Careers of the future deck

Careers of the future

Roger Urwin draws on his 30 years of experience to share advice on how people can future-proof their investment careers while reflecting on issues around COVID-19.

Scaffolding and bricks deck cover image

Scaffolding and the bricks

Roger Urwin shares ways to use this uniquely stressed time during COVID-19 to re-model our personal and professional lives



Roger Podcast

Roger Podcast

Roger Podcast

Podcast: Future-proofing  your investment career Podcast: Leadership roles  Podcast: Wider perspectives 

Podcast with Tim Hodgson

Marisa podcast
Climate change in a Covid-19 world

A systems framework for investing


Power of culture summit social media
Adjusting focus event image Day one The big picture
The power of culture summit Members only Adjusting focus
Virtual event 

The climb to the new view
Virtual seminar series



Rising to the challenge - governance

Leadership under challenge

Leadership and COVID-19
Rising to the challenge Leadership under challenge The hour for investment
leadership is now
(members only)
Cover for Wider Perspectives Act II article
Cover for Wider Perspectives Act II article  
The COVID-19 play: Tragedy or triumph?

The COVID-19 play:
Make the most of the
change opportunity


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