Society+: the voices of change

A Thinking Ahead Institute film night

Grab your tickets and popcorn!

At the Thinking Ahead Institute, we believe that the investment industry should have increased focus on societal issues. These challenges, such as: human rights, modern slavery, the just transition, and inequality are intricately interwoven with climate change and of course represent significant systemic risks.

Join us on June 27, for an engaging film night featuring a curated selection of impactful short films, enlightening perspectives from a distinguished guest speaker, and an expert panel discussion focused on the ‘S’ of ESG. Our goal is to cultivate a deeper personal engagement with societal issues, empowering investment professionals to drive more positive change.

This event will be curated in partnership with ClimateCulture. ClimateCulture is a creative studio dedicated to inspiring systems change through curated film screenings, speaking events, digital experiences and exhibitions. They specialise in tailored ‘SHIFT’ programmes for corporates wanting to spotlight sustainability and climate action both internally and externally. 

Agenda and speakers to be confirmed.