2024 Events

To provide a new and improved outlook in 2024, we have rebranded some of our annual events. You can find our 2024 events below with a short description of their purpose and what you might gain from attending.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding these events please do not hesitate to reach out to our events team (enquiries@thinkingaheadinstitute.org) or follow our thinking by joining us on LinkedIn.

Explore our 2024 research agenda to see what we will be covering at these events. 

2024 research agenda
2023 research agenda 
2023 events
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Innovation thrives when there is an environment that allows creativity and collaboration to flourish.

Peer+: Virtual, intimate small group sessions designed to share knowledge on an innovation or problem in the industry. They provide an opportunity to engage with and learn from each other and also share experiences through a session that will be co-hosted by members, TAI or WTW researchers.

Exchange+: In-person roundtable discussions, to foster higher engagement between members as a place to exchange ideas on a set topic, facilitated by Thinking Ahead researchers. They will be half-day to full-day events allowing for much collaboration and networking.

Perspectives+: Global, virtual seminars for TAI members and specially invited guests. The kick-off seminar is a public event allowing us to exchange ideas with a wider audience. We will also run a lecture series for members delivered by TAI and industry experts.

Society+: After the success of Climate+: real people, real stories, real change. Thinking Ahead will be hosting another film night, this time called Society+. At this event, we will screen a series of short films and host an expert panel focused on the ‘S’ issues in ESG and their intersection with climate.

Network+: A series of impactful, rapid-fire talks from TAI for members and specially invited guests. We will hear from TAI leaders and researchers along with guest speakers covering the best of the Institute’s research. This event is all about bringing people together and sharing ideas.

*The ‘+’ symbolises opportunities to meet peers, network and exchange ideas. This is part of our unique value proposition to members.

2024 Member briefing

Topic: An overview of the 2024 research agenda, projects and events

Member-only event | 60 minutes | Virtual
30 Jan West | 1 Feb East


Topic: TAI & Future Fund Global Asset Owner Peer Study on beliefs and best practices

Invite-only | In-person
London | 20 March


Public event | 60 minutes | Virtual
17 April

Manager Ideas Exchange dinner, London

Member-only event | In-person
22 April

Systems Curriculum

Member-only event | 90 minutes | Virtual
May, June, Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec


Invite-only event | 120 minutes | In-person
London | 27 June

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A series of member-only and public events | In-person
Australia | July

Autumn drinks

Member-only | In-person
London | 19 September

Manager Ideas Exchange dinner, North America

Member-only event | In-person
Chicago | 23 September


Member-only event | 90 minutes | Virtual
9 October

Manager Ideas Exchange dinner, Asia

Member-only event | In-person
Tokyo | 5 November


Invite-only event | 120 minutes | In-person
London | 28 November

We hope you’ll join us!