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Innovation conversations

Innovation thrives when there is an environment that allows creativity and collaboration to flourish. As an industry we can work together to share ideas and drive important conversations which lead to innovation. These are increasingly rooted in organisational purpose, culture, diversity & inclusion and sustainability. This series of round-the-table virtual events is designed to provide participants with the opportunity to exchange ideas and are highly focused on practical applications for investment organisations. Each conversation will be based around a different topic where improvements are seen as essential for the investment industry.

Who will be there?
The sessions only open to asset manager members of the Thinking Ahead Institute. You will be joined by investment leaders from both the Thinking Ahead Group (TAG) and Willis Towers Watson’s (WTW) manager research team.

Why should I join?
We appreciate your time is valuable, and in this new virtual world the demand for video calls is ever increasing. As such we’ve designed these conversations to have optimal benefit for all involved. Each session will include participants from a small number of member organisations which, in addition to engaging closely with the TAG team and WTW’s manager research leadership, provides an intimate setting conducive to innovative conversations and opportunities to discuss actionable improvements for the industry.

How long are they?
Each session will be 1 hour 15 minutes, to allow time for introductions and an overview of the topic to be discussed before diving in.

Upcoming session
Topics will be shared in advance of each session.
April – Date and topic TBC

How to get involved?
These conversations will take place every other month, and we will reach out to member key contacts in advance of each session.
You can also let us know if you would like to be involved, or if there is a particular topic you feel a session should focus on.

Previous sessions
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