Exchange+: TAI & Future Fund Global Asset Owner Peer Study summit on beliefs and best practices

In-person | Wednesday 20 March 2024

Thank you for joining us for a captivating exploration into the world of asset ownership as we convened the Global Asset Owner Peer Study summit on Wednesday 20 March, sponsored by Future Fund. Set against the backdrop of insightful discussions and data-driven findings, this event explored beliefs and best practices that shape the decisions of asset owners in today’s dynamic financial landscape. 


Event Highlights

  • We unveiled the Global Peer Study results, including providing exclusive access to valuable data on the strategies and philosophies guiding some of the most influential asset owners in the world
  • Asset owners shared their insights, beliefs, and best practices
  • We explored the nuances of asset ownership, discovered emerging trends, and gained a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and opportunities that shape investment decisions
  • We connected with fellow professionals, asset owners and managers, and thought leaders during dedicated networking sessions

Event slides

The event slides can be found here.
The Symposium Exec Summary slides can be found here.

Event photos


Marisa Hall

Head of the
Thinking Ahead Institute

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Roger Urwin

Co-founder of the
Thinking Ahead Institute

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Andrea Caloisi

Associate Director, Research
Thinking Ahead Institute

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Diya Luke

Global Head of Investments

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Sarah Hopkins, CFA

Head of Equity Solutions

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Ben Leach, CFA

Head of Private Market Solutions

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Jaap van Dam

Principal Director of Investment Strategy

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Claudia Kruse

Managing Director Global Responsible Investment & Governance

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Raff Arndt

Chief Executive Officer
Future Fund

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Stephen Gilmore

Chief Investment Officer
NZ Super Fund

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