Smart leadership. Sound followership.

Future Fund and Willis Towers Watson 2017 Asset Owner Study

International best-practice is a principle driving high standards at Future Fund and all the participants in this study. A comparison of practices across leading funds with reference to benchmarks can help validate the high standards targeted and achieved by these funds. It can also reveal opportunities for idea sharing, development and challenge. It became clear to us through this study that these funds were meeting their goals and accountabilities to stakeholders through stronger internal resources and smarter application.

The study participants view the challenges of meeting investment goals as greater than ever, given the volatile and uncertain outlook in capital markets. They are clear about the necessity to adapt to fast-changing, complex and often ambiguous landscapes. The qualities of self-awareness and adaptability are seen as critical.

The study produced a number of sound ideas to follow in support of international best practice, notably: improved cognitive diversity; better sustainability; improved board-executive engagement; strengthened risk management through better understanding of the ecosystem; and better balance in the mix of internal and external intellectual property (IP).