Adjusting focus event

How Covid-19 is changing the investment industry

Over a year on from the outbreak, we examined how the coronavirus has impacted individuals, the investment industry and wider society. This is a time of change and, to take in this new view, we need to adjust our focus. Organisations are changing to become more emotionally intelligent and humanistic. However, success relies on their leadership stepping up to see a new perspective, embrace silver linings and be quick to adapt; as more twists and turns are sure to come.

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The story so far

Act One saw three defining moments: In January, Australian bushfires shone a spotlight on climate change. In March, the West fully realised the danger of Covid-19. Then in May, the unlawful killing of George Floyd showed just how deeply wounded our society is by inequality and racial injustice.
In Act Two, Climb to a New View, these conflicts led our characters to undertake a long climb in search of a new perspective on their surroundings; one they could only find at the top of the mountain. To get there, they had to take the steepest and most elusive paths that would reveal the most when they reached the summit.
As we begin Act Three, the world is extremely fatigued, highly stressed and feeling a loss of control. But in this environment full of change it’s looking for silver linings.
In Adjusting Focus: The Impact of Covid-19 on Investments we shifted our focus to take in our new surroundings. Our experiences through 2020 have shone a multi-stakeholder lens on our actions. We can learn a great deal from zooming in to focus on the person; then zooming out to organisations, the investment industry and the planet.

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We asked members in what ways Covid-19 has changed their perspectives

Roger Urwin and Alva Devoy of Fidelity International discuss how Covid-19 has changed perspectives on the importance of wellbeing within investment organisations

Marisa Hall and Sharon Fay of AllianceBernstein discuss how Covid-19 has changed the role of culture and leadership in investment organisations

Tim Hodgson, Craig Baker of Willis Towers Watson and Mary Delahunty of HESTA discuss how Covid-19 has impacted the industry and the planet


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Marisa Hall

Co head of the
Thinking Ahead Institute
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Tim Hodgson

Co head of the
Thinking Ahead Institute
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Roger Urwin

Co founder of the
Thinking Ahead Institute
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Alva Devoy

Managing Director Australia
Fidelity International
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Sharon Fay

Chief Responsibility Officer
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Mary Delahunty

Head of Impact
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Craig Baker

Global Chief Investment Officer
Willis Towers Watson
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