Investment organisation of tomorrow summit | 15 and 17 March 2022

Members can now watch recordings of the event here.

This summit aims to consider the barrage of disruptions and changes facing investment organisations. Sustainability pressures, net zero transitions, a ‘new normal’ investment macro and new pressures on ‘purpose’ have suggested a more substantial and agile model of change is needed than has been prior practice.

The event is the culmination of the investment organisation of tomorrow (IOOT) working group, where we convened a group of our C-suite members* to set a vision for the change we need to see. This group have set out practical guidance to help asset managers and in particular asset owners, assess these change requirements.

Join us on 15 or 17 March where we’ll hear from some of the members involved on the motivations and design of transformational change in the industry. We’ll discuss how the tangible elements – technologies, portfolios and performance are dependent on the foundations of intangible elements – culture, leadership and governance. To quote Roger Urwin, “the soft stuff is usually the hard stuff”. The event will also cover how the 2022 working group – soon to launch – will focus on executing change.

*With thanks to the 2021 IOOT working group which had CIOs and CEOs from six of the Asset Owner 100.


Here is some pre-reading which you might find interesting before the event. If you haven’t already received an invitation, please contact us.