Long-horizon investing

Marisa Hall interviews Dr Liang Yin on the benefits of long-horizon investing for investment organisations

Part 1: What is long-horizon investing, and why is it worth doing? 

Dr Liang Yin explains how long-horizon investing can provide a key competitive edge to investors. 

Part 2: The key challenge of long-horizon investing  

Co-Head of the Institute Marisa Hall asks Dr Liang Yin to explain the main challenge investors face when getting into long-horizon investing.

Part 3: Decision making and risk management in long-horizon investing  

Dr Liang Yin explains how the move from short-term metrics to long-term goals and other changes to thinking and processes can help support long-horizon investing.

Part 4: Culture and long-horizon investing    

Dr Liang Yin shares the importance of culture to implement effect long-horizon investing, and rounds up his thoughts from the video series.