Webinar – Purpose and value creation in the investment industry – audio

We hosted a webinar on 9 May 2019 which looked at purpose and value creation in the investment industry. Marisa Hall hosted a panel discussion and tried to answer some key questions. 

How does the investment industry create value for wider society? For whom is this value being created and how is this assessed? How should the investment industry create value? These questions are fundamental to restoring trust in investment organisations and the broader investment industry, and to improving the value proposition. Through a discussion with our three guest panellists, this webinar addressed some of these difficult and often unexplored areas, drawing on Institute research over the last year on purpose and value creation

Dr Geoff Kendall – CEO & Co-founder, Future-Fit Foundation
Rob Lake – Founder, Authentic Investor
Vishal Hindocha – Director, Investment Solutions, MFS International 

Our aim is to improve our collective understanding of how organisations and our industry create and monitor value. 

Full audio for the session is available.