Sustainability webinars – purpose and value creation in investment industry – part 3

Measuring value creation

People not only manage what the can measure, but they also only tend to manage what they do measure…Investors are realising that generating returns while creating systemic risk doesn’t add value in the long term. We [Future-Fit Foundation] like to think in terms of enduring value – value that is going to last

Dr Geoff Kendall – CEO & Co-founder, Future-Fit Foundation

In this third section of our webinar on “Purpose and value creation in the investment industry”, our panellists address questions such as:

  • How can we better assess the value that investment organisations add to wider society and the environment? 
  • What kind of information do investors need to ensure that they are equipped to make the best decision? 
  • How can organisations align financial goals while having positive impacts on wider society/environment? 
  • What should organisations do to monitor their impact on society?


  • Dr Geoff Kendall – CEO & Co-founder, Future-Fit Foundation
  • Rob Lake – Founder, Authentic Investor
  • Vishal Hindocha – Director, Investment Solutions, MFS International