Sustainability webinars – purpose and value creation in investment industry – part 2

Creating value in the investment industry

Trust is probably the biggest impediment to the actors within the industry ability to add value to the end saver. If we are mistrusted by the end saver, we are not going to be able to get the social licence to operate to add value for them over time.

Vishal Hindocha, Director, MFS International

In this second section of our webinar on “Purpose and value creation in the investment industry”, our panellist address questions such as:

  • Does the investment industry adequately meet the needs and expectations of (i) the end saver and (ii) wider society/environment? 
  • What can organisations do to improve their value proposition to stakeholders? 
  • Does fiduciary responsibility, as currently defined, narrow the perspective of organisations into considering financial (vs extra-financial) only metrics? 


  • Dr Geoff Kendall – CEO & Co-founder, Future-Fit Foundation
  • Rob Lake – Founder, Authentic Investor
  • Vishal Hindocha – Director, Investment Solutions, MFS International