Corporate stewardship in pursuit of the SDGs by Professor Mike Berners-Lee

Professor Mike Berners-Lee presenting at our London sustainability summit

Inequality itself is a difficult subject – it is political, moral, values-laden and subjective. We therefore frame this session as an exploration of how our stewardship of investee companies might, or should, change. 

The fact that the UN is able to articulate 17 goals (SDGs) suggests that the world’s economic system is not working properly. It could even be broken – see climate change above. Here, again, is our wide spectrum of action. Do we pursue tweaks to business-as-usual, or declare war on a system that is fundamentally broken?

Part 1: Mike Berners-Lee speaks about living in the Anthropocene.

Part 2: Mike Berners-Lee speaks about the interlinked physical challenge.

Part 3: Mike Berners-Lee discusses energy transition.

Part 4: Mike Berners-Lee shares the importance of values thinking skills.

Watch the full speech here.