20 years of Thinking Ahead

2022 is the 20th anniversary of Thinking Ahead at WTW. Set up as a Skunk Works to try to see around corners and innovate, there was early recognition that connecting the dots could build better maps to the future and that complexity science is integral to understanding systems. This has been the basis for much of the forward-thinking ideas and research since then. On subjects ranging from absolute return and smart beta in the early days to organisational culture, systems leadership and sustainability today.

Here Marisa Hall, co-head of the Institute, interviews Roger Urwin, co-founder, and Tim Hodgson, co-founder and co-head, about the origin story, the highlights, the pitfalls and the future. They share their passion for collaboration and co-creation with member organisations on this journey into the future, in search of real innovation and big-idea success.

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