Integrated reports

In 2016, the Thinking Ahead Institute adopted the International Integrated Reporting Council’s framework, which is a combination of quantitative and qualitative information. 

Since then, we have used it to report annually to members about how we create value during the year. This report is publicly available which reflects our commitment to be transparent and to show more broadly how we transform our activities into outputs while fostering integrated thinking within the Institute for the benefit of member organisations. Also, we hope it will help the investment industry to better understand how value is created and destroyed

The report is split into four different areas: 

  • Overview of the Institute and our research streams
  • Member assessment
  • How the Institute creates value
  • Key Institute statistics

We welcome any and all feedback.


View and download full report
Institute members can view the financials here.

You can find more past reports available to members here.
For any questions on these financials, please contact us.