Wot we wrote

Annual compendiums of forum posts

The Institute has continuously created investment insight articles (or voyages) which have helped us to improve our collective investment map of uncharted investment territories. While not all of these voyages are successful, spectacular or even comfortable, collectively we believe them to have something useful and interesting to say. We have constructed interactive compendiums to connect these articles and help build a better investment map for members.

Wot we wrote 2019

Risk, return and impact | moving towards 3-D investing

A compendium of the best investment insights published on the Thinking Ahead Institute’s member forum over the last three years.


Wot we wrote 2018

Value creation

Throughout the year, the Institute captures in short articles investment insights on topics such as culture, technology, fee-chain disruption and a wide range of others: this compendium contains 31 of these articles from the last year. 

Wot we wrote 2017

Here be dragons

Here be dragons is an interactive PDF created so members can explore our forum posts via any route, unique to each individual.