The world’s largest asset managers – 2021

The TAI / P&I 500

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The Thinking Ahead Institute Pensions & Investments 500 is a joint annual research study of the world’s 500 largest asset managers (AMs). This edition covers trends and assets under management (AUM) for 2021. 

Key industry observations

  • The pace of competition, consolidation and rebranding is quickening. Of the top 500 managers, almost half of the names featured on the list a decade ago in 2011 are now absent in 2021
  • Clients find themselves in a relatively low-return world, and have responded by increasing their risk appetite and reducing costs
  • This has led to mandate transitions in the form of growth of passive and index tracking, factors, private markets and solutions products
  • Asset managers have been addressing growing complexity in the industry and more sophisticated demands by asset owners by evolving processes
  • The search for asset manages with more positive attributes to diversity and inclusion has become more deliberate. Successful manages are taking decisive action to improve D&I in their organisations
  • Covid-19 has made the industry more aware of how the world is more interconnected and uncertain today than ever before. The pandemic has also driven certain types of innovation like hybrid models of working
  • There is a significant shift towards net zero ambition across the globe. The challenge for asset managers is now on the execution of these net zero mandates. It’s time to convert words to actions.
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