The world’s largest asset managers – 2020

The TAI / P&I 500

The Thinking Ahead Institute Pensions & Investments 500 is a joint annual research study of the world’s 500 largest asset managers (AMs). This edition covers trends and assets under management (AUM) for 2019. 

Key industry observations

  • Investment is a fast-changing industry: 232 names in our 2009 list of 500 largest AMs are not in our 2019 list
  • Mandate and process trends have been broadly favouring drivers which enhance competitive edges and reduce the friction points in products through more advanced technology, lighter governance or more streamlined service
  • Client requirements for returns are increasing which is tending to favour products that may involve higher risk
  • The implications of Covid-19 for AMs are significant, particularly with respect to the use of technology, incorporation of ESG and evolution of culture
  • The Covid-19 crisis has created conditions for more innovations to be put into practice – notably a remote working operating model, supported by technology 
  • Technology advancements, incorporating increasing digitalisation, have contributed to improvements in AMs’ service and delivery models
  • The circumstances have also supported new leadership and cultural norms. Leadership communication has been stronger and more relevant as a result. Cultural progress has been evident through greater focus on: organisational purpose and stakeholder management; new ways to support and re-establish trust; and the sustainability nexus that links purpose, diversity & inclusion and ESG.
Source: Thinking Ahead Institute. Click to enlarge