Sustainability summit 2020

Closing the gaps | 2020 sustainability summit

For our 2020 sustainability summit we chose to step back and try to take in the bigger picture. The Institute believes there are four clear gaps that must be closed if we are to be successful in investing sustainably: skills, data, collaboration and purpose. During two deep-dive sessions we explored these, inviting ideas from attendees as to which actions we can take.

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The summit was split into two parts:

  • Day 1 – A live virtual session to discuss the skills and the data gaps. This session featured insights from working group members and other leading investment professionals, and considered closing the skills and data gaps in pursuing sustainability
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  • Day 2 – A live virtual session to discuss closing the collaboration and the purpose gaps. This session also featured insights from leading investment experts and ended by encouraging all involved to agree and prioritise the actions investment organisations need to take.
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Watch the interviews below or take a look at the deep-dive background reading for more context on the topic, or see more of our work on sustainability.

The skills gap

The data gap

The purpose gap


Margaret Franklin

President and CEO
CFA Institute 
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Ashby Monk

Executive Director
Stanford University
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Roger Urwin

Thinking Ahead Institute
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Anne Richards

Chief Executive Officer
Fidelity International
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Tim Hodgson headshot

Tim Hodgson

Thinking Ahead Institute
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Marisa Hall headshot

Marisa Hall

Thinking Ahead Institute
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Luba Nikulina

Global Head of Research
Willis Towers Watson
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Herschel Pant

Consultant Relations Manager
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Russell Picot

HSBC Pension Scheme
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Lucy Thomas

Head of Investment Stewardship
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Deirdre Cooper

Co-Head, Thematic
Ninety One
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Mike Hugman

Director, Climate Finance
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1st December

Live session 8am – 10am

The skills gap with Roger Urwin

The data gap with Marisa Hall

Industry roadmap | part 1, with Tim Hodgson

2nd December

Live session 8 am – 10am

The collaboration gap with Marisa Hall

The purpose gap with Roger Urwin

Industry roadmap | part 2, with an industry expert