Day 2 | The climb to the new view

Day 2: Disrupt or be disrupted – developing adaptive investment organisations

The unprecedented impact of the pandemic has left many investment organisations and individuals facing a new reality. The asset manager business model has been disrupted; asset owners are confronted with an almost infinite demand for governance; and the call for strong leadership shaped from rich values has become louder than ever before. 

We look at the new challenges faced by asset managers, asset owners and consultants and what they are doing to re-adjust themselves in the wake of the crisis. 

Session 1: Viewpoints: reflections from asset managers and asset owners around the world
We asked a number of asset owners and asset managers around the world how they have responded to the crises through the lens of their investment, operating and people models.

Session 2: Consultants under challenge
With Marisa Hall, Luba Nikulina and Mitesh Sheth 

With most investment strategies being affected, consultants are facing increased pressure to ensure that clients’ portfolios are resilient to a number of extreme risks. We discuss the questions consultants are being challenged to address and how they see the investment industry developing over the next 5 years.

Session 3: The power of culture
With Marisa Hall and Roger Urwin

Culture is a unique ingredient in the struggle for competitive advantage among firms. We have an opportunity to build a stronger culture from our current adversity; one that is guided by purpose, resilience and leadership.
In this session, we explore the power of culture in investment organisations and look at how T-shaped teams and agility can be invaluable assets to any organisation.


29th June: The big picture 
30th June: Disrupt or be disrupted
1st July:  Confronting new realities 
2nd July 11.00 am BST:  Live with the Institute 
A recording of the live sessions is now available


Luba Nikulina

Head of Research, Willis Towers Watson
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Mitesh Sheth

CEO of Redington 
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Alva Devoy

Managing Director, Fidelity International
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Eoin Murray

Head of Investment, Federated Hermes International

Jaco van der Walt

Global Head of Quantitative Research & Investments at RBC
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Sue Brake

Deputy CIO, Portfolio Strategy at Future Fund
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Zoe Alexander

Director of Strategy and Corporate Affairs
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James Davis

Chief Investment Officer
at OPTrust
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Roger Urwin

Co-Founder of the Thinking Ahead Institute 
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Marisa Hall headshot

Marisa Hall

Co-Head of the Thinking Ahead Institute 
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A recording of the live sessions is now available

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