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About The Thinking Ahead Group

About The Thinking Ahead Group

The team reads widely, thinks laterally and contributes to debates on areas it is researching. TAG 2.0 contributes to the investment industry by generating fresh intellectual capital from an objective point of view. What adds value for institutional investors are the (relatively few) ideas that materially alter their portfolios going forward. 

Innovations from TAG include new perspectives on: 

  • Agency issues: recognition that conflicts, even if subtle, need to be surfaced and dealt with
  • Beliefs: new thinking showing that all investment is necessarily beliefs-based (there is no certainty)
  • Complexity: a rejection of modern portfolio theory and simple equilibrium economics as the underlying “truth”
  • Diversity: a hedge against the models and assumptions underlying traditional diversification
  • Dynamic asset allocation: new thinking arguing that risk premia vary and can be harvested dynamically
  • Extreme risks: traditional risk measures underweight the consequences of extreme outcomes
  • Governance: internal oversight resources affect investment outcomes, and can be enhanced
  • Long-term mandates: adding value by avoiding benchmark constraints and short-term relative measurement
  • Long-term risk management: risk is not volatility and, for most investors, risk is long term in nature
  • Risk budgeting: a new management methodology for institutional asset owners
  • Smart beta: pioneering ‘non-price’ methods of investing
  • Sustainability: recognition that short-term focus is at odds with long-term wealth compounding
  • Thematic investing: the world is neither perfectly predictable, nor completely random.

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