One of our stated objectives is to work with investment organisations to improve effectiveness, as part of changing our industry, so over the years we have drawn on our research to develop a number of practical workshops for applying to member contexts.

Our workshops are designed to engage leadership teams in the broad area of human capital. We maintain that these will help ambitious organisations navigate their way through these challenging issues and deal with the associated complexity.

This process is built around our proprietary models and frameworks and generally follows a streamlined three-step self-assessment process, typically requiring around 2.5 hours of commitment per person. The steps are: Survey, facilitated workshop and report back.

The Power of Culture

In the past 3 years we’ve assessed the culture of around 30 investment organisations which has helped them to better understand their own cultural signature, where they sit on a spectrum and how they could sharpen their own competitive edge. This involves the use of a bespoke dashboard, which scores and communicates your cultural attributes and competitive edges as well as the level of engagement with culture at the organisation. For more information

The Power of Teams

This is all about creating so-called Superteams. And our definition of a Superteam is one which combines diverse talent and is unleashed by great culture and governance to achieve outstanding results. This tool could be used for a range of teams, including an executive leadership team or an investment team. We’ve had significant interest in this, which is understandable…as who wouldn’t want to be part of a Superteam?! For more information


Our work in this area encompasses the fullest version of Diversity, which includes Equity and Inclusion. We see these as keys to unlocking organisational effectiveness, particularly through creativity, problem solving and innovation. Naturally, there has been growing interest in this area as organisations seek to understand and harness this power. For more information

The Future of Work

This focuses on four areas:

  • Social capital, which has retreated and so has collaboration – both needing a reset
  • The hybrid work journey which is extremely messy
  • Organisational operating models are having to become more human
  • Talent, which is everywhere, but unnecessarily scarce and hard to pin down.

    For more information

Performance Measurement

This is catalysed by an increasing demand on organisations to demonstrate responsible and sustainable value creation for a broader range of stakeholders. This will increasingly require the use of balanced scorecards, we believe. Note our Fundamental Return Attribution tool is relevant here. For more information

Right-sizing ESG

This project is designed to provide leadership with a streamlined process to review and adjust investors’ sustainability commitments (particularly Net Zero). This is an important area at the moment as organisations grapple to match their time and resource allocation to their own ESG ambitions. For more information

Horizon scanning

This project is designed to provide leadership with a streamlined process to set a five to ten year view of future landscape. Horizon scanning is the systematic analysis of potential threats and opportunities and likely future developments. This method sits alongside and complements scenarios, stress test and theory of change processes. For more information

Purpose and Vision

An important starting point for most leadership teams and organisations, which is being revisited by organisations much more frequently than in the past, given our changing world. This toolkit covers: the why, what & how of organisational identity and how the organisation create value. And it incorporates organisational culture and business strategy. For more information

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