Thinking Ahead Institute research

This page provides an index, by topic, of all Thinking Ahead Institute research published since 2015. There are numerous slide decks that underpin these research publications, these are all available to members on request.

Topic Research Papers
Asset classes of tomorrow  Chinese capital markets
Securitisation meets blockchain
Private equity
The asset manager of tomorrow
The asset owner of tomorrow
Thinking Ahead Institute assessment of Smart Leadership. Sound Followership*


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and diversity hub

Uncover our culture study
The power of culture white paper
The impact of culture on institutional investors – 2019
Culture as a measurable edge*
Culture and leadership*
The impact of culture on institutional investors – 2015*
Decision-making Collective decision-making in action*
Fundamental return attribution*
Better decision-making: a toolkit
How to choose?

Defined contribution DC: the engagement tree
Lifetime income – the DC system’s missing design feature
DC: the movie
Proposing a stronger DC purpose
Compendium of DC research*
Shifts for the DC organisation of tomorrow*
Investment as a ecosystem Case studies from the ecosystem – applying an ecosystem perspective*
System thinking and investment – introducing the ecosystem perspective

Integrated reporting  Integrated reports – members page*
Integrated reports – public page

Long-horizon investing Long-horizon investing webinar
Investing in equity factors for the long run (joint with Amundi)
What you think you become
Patience: not merely a virtue but an asset
Converting the 99 – long-horizon investing beliefs
The search for a long-term premium
General investment Going from good to great
Extreme risks
The future of asset management
Stronger investment theory
To bonus or not to bonus?
Compensation and incentives*
Going above and beyond: stronger investment theory and practice
Total Portfolio Approach (TPA)
State of the industry State of the industry – part I
State of the industry – part II
State of the industry – part III

Sustainability and value creation

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Sustainability impact: An investors guide to communicating value created*
Sustainability beliefs: a new measurement tool
Sustainability portfolio construction: connecting sustainability risks to asset class returns
Sustainability portfolio construction case studies*
Mission critical: understanding value creation
Connecting the dots: understanding purpose in the investment industry
Sustainability webinar series – purpose and value in investment industry videos
Sustainability ‘beliefs to action’ webinars
Scenario Learning It’s story time: The why, how and what of scenario learning  
Wot we wrote
(forum post compendiums)

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Risk, return and impact | moving towards 3-D investing
Value creation
Here be dragons

Book reviews AI superpowers – China, Silicon Valley, and the new world order
There is no planet b by Mike Berners-Lee
Prosperity: better business makes the greater good by Colin Mayer*
Big Mind by Geoff Mulgan*
The End of Theory by Richard Bookstaber*
Doughnut Economics by Kate Raworth*

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