The climb to the new view

Adaption, innovation and evolution of the investment industry in a Covid-19 new world

The climb to the new view

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In this virtual seminar series featuring leading investors from around the world, we discuss how the pandemic has disrupted the investment industry and explore steps to climb back up together to a ‘new view’. 

An introduction from Co-Founder of the Thinking Ahead Institute, Roger Urwin                    

Live with the Institute

Listen to the live session recording below. View supporting presentation

The agenda

Day one The big picture


    Sessions available to view now

Day two Disrupt or  be disrupted

     Sessions available to view now

Day three Sustainability Confronting new realities

    Sessions available to view now   

The topics of this event expand on research started by our Co-Founder, Roger Urwin, which explores wider perspectives on the coronavirus and its implications for the investment industry, asset owners and asset managers.

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29th June
The big picture 
  • Session 1. Re-imagining the future
  • Session 2. Putting the person into the big picture
  • Session 3. Diversity in the spotlight

  • 30th June
    Disrupt or be disrupted – developing adaptive investment organisations 
  • Session 1. Viewpoints: reflections from asset managers and asset owners around the world
  • Session 2. Consultants under challenge
  • Session 3. The power of culture

  • 1st July
    Confronting new realities about resilience and sustainability

  • Session 1. Interview with Marg Franklin
  • Session 2. How sustainability must confront new realities
  • Session 3. Spotlight session on climate risk

  • 2nd July 11.00 am BST
    Live with the Institute 
  • A recording of the live sessions is now available 
  • Speakers

    Martin Rich head shot
    Sarah Maynard head shot
    Martin Rich 
    Future-Fit Foundation
    Sarah Maynard
    CFA Institute
    Rekha Misra head shot
    Mitesh Sheth head shot
    Rekha Misra
    Willis Towers Watson
    Mitesh Sheth 
    Margaret Franklin head shot
    Margaret Franklin
    CFA Institute 
    Russell Picot 
    HSBC Bank (UK) Pension Fund and LifeSight
    Asset manager head shots
    Asset owner head shots
    Alva Devoy
    Fidelity International
    Eoin Murray 
    Federated Hermes
    Jaco van der Walt
    Sue Brake 
    Future Fund
    Zoe Alexander
    James Davis
    Luba Nikulina head shot square
    Matt Scott head shot
    Luba Nikulina 
    Willis Towers Watson
    Matt Scott
    Willis Towers Watson
    Marisa Hall head shot square
    Tim Hodgson head shot
    Marisa Hall
    Thinking Ahead Institute
    Tim Hodgson 
    Thinking Ahead Institute 
    Roger Urwin head shot square
    Roger Urwin
    Thinking Ahead Institute