Press Release

Thinking Ahead Group welcomes Michael Garcia

June 10, 2015

Towers Watson’s Thinking Ahead Group, which runs the not-for-profit Thinking Ahead Institute, has hired Michael Garcia following the signing of over 30 new members since it launched the Institute late last year. Garcia joined in June as a thematic investment strategist and will be based in the company’s Atlanta office.

Garcia has almost 20 years of broad investment experience during which time he has provided strategic advice to a variety of institutional investors; raised assets and managed investment portfolios; and researched global investment themes and translated them into investment opportunities for clients. He worked in various roles at Nordea Investment Management, including Partner, until 2006 and thereafter founded and led Ripple Advisors.

Tim Hodgson, head of the Thinking Ahead Group at Towers Watson, said: “We are delighted to be able to hire someone of Michael’s experience and calibre to help us drive positive change in the industry through collaboration, collective efforts and the exchange of ideas. His appointment follows high levels of interest in the Thinking Ahead Institute, and will help us to be a prominent force for improving the value proposition for savers globally.”

The Thinking Ahead Institute, jointly supported by Towers Watson and subscribing members, operates as a global forum and uses research and discussion collectively to improve the investment industry for the benefit of the end saver. The Institute aims to achieve this objective through research, discussion and private one-to-one meetings with members.

Editors’ Notes

Towers Watson’s Thinking Ahead Institute is a global not-for-profit group whose aim is to influence change in the investment world for the better by improving the provision of savings. The Institute is open to asset owners, investment managers and other groups that are motivated to influence the industry for the good of savers worldwide. The Thinking Ahead Institute is an outgrowth of the company’s Thinking Ahead Group and can be followed on: Twitter @InstituteTAGFacebook and LinkedIn.