Spotlight on Matt Stoughton-Harris, Lead associate | research

April 14, 2021

Matt Stoughton-Harris, Research analyst, and partner Alex

Tell me a little about yourself:
Hello, I am Matt,  a 25 year old southerner who in the last couple of years fled north to Leeds with my partner Alex. We live in Horsforth with our unruly collie Reggie who very much keeps us on our toes.  I joined the company in 2018 and moved over to the investments business in 2019, assisting with the servicing of our delegated investment clients.  A lot like my dog, I am at my happiest when outdoors, whether in the garden, out on my bike or exploring in our campervan.

What is your favourite thing about working for TAI? I am very passionate about sustainability, and therefore the opportunity to delve deeper into the subject from an investment perspective has been wonderful. The cognitive diversity of the team is its greatest strength and in my limited time I have found my mind opened to new perspectives on a regular basis. 

What motivates you? A tricky one, I would like to think I am a very purpose-driven individual and therefore feeling that I am having some tiny impact on averting the climate crisis makes a difference.

What is your favourite place to go to unwind? This has to be Glastonbury Festival, however given the last year or so it would be between the weeds at the allotment or lost in the Dales on my bike.

If you could give your younger self one piece of advice what would it be? People will constantly surprise you.

What do you listen to when you need to relax? You could ask this question ten times and I would give you a different answer dependent on my mood.  I always come back to Jon Hopkins, The National or Lana Del Rey but recently Phoebe Bridgers and Big Thief have been receiving considerable airtime.  

How would you partner describe you in three words: Values-driven, energetic and cluttered.  Realistically the focus is generally the last one!

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Matt Stoughton-Harris, Research analyst, and partner dog Reggie