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About The Thinking Ahead Institute

The Thinking Ahead Institute seeks collaboration and change in the investment industry for the benefit of savers.

The Thinking Ahead Institute was established in January 2015 by Tim Hodgson and Roger Urwin, who have dedicated large parts of their careers to advocating and implementing positive investment industry change. It is a global not-for-profit innovation hub made up of engaged institutional asset owners and service providers committed to changing and improving the investment industry for the benefit of the end saver. It has over 40 members around the world, who pay an annual subscription, and is an outgrowth of the Thinking Ahead Group which was set up in 2002. 

The Institute aims to: 

  • Build on the belief in the value and power of thought leadership to create positive change in the investment industry 
  • Find and connect people from all corners of the investment world and harnesses their ideas
  • Work to bring those ideas to life for the benefit of the end saver.

It does this by identifying tomorrow’s problems and investment solutions through:

  • A dynamic and collaborative research agenda that encourages strong member participation through dedicated working groups
  • A global programme of events including seminars and key topic meetings, webinars and social events
  • One-to-one meetings between Institute member organisations and senior representatives of the Thinking Ahead Group.

These solutions fall into three overlapping areas: better investment strategies; better organisational effectiveness and enhanced societal legitimacy. The Institute has a governance board comprising both Institute members and Thinking Ahead Group representatives. 

Joining The Thinking Ahead Institute

The Thinking Ahead Institute seeks support from, and collaboration with, like-minded organisations to achieve the aim of better serving the end investor. In asking for financial support, the Institute and Willis Towers Watson understand the need to steward it responsibly. The Institute pledges that while Willis Towers Watson is a major sponsor, it will not make a profit from members' financial contributions, and commits to providing transparency to satisfy members that is the case. The membership is comprised of asset owners and asset managers and we are open to including membership of service providers from other parts of the industry.

The membership currently comprises over 40 asset owners and service providers including: Affiliated Managers Group, Amundi Asset Management, AXA Investment Managers, Baillie Gifford, BNP Paribas Asset Management, Coronation Asset Management, Dimensional Fund Advisors, Epoch Investment Partners, Fidelity Investment, Global Thematic Partners, Investec Asset Management, Lansdowne Partners, MFS International, PGIM, S&P Global, State Street Global Advisors, Wellington Management International, Willis Towers Watson, Public School & Education Employee Retirement Systems of Missouri, Aptitude Investment Management, Intel Corporation, DHL Group Retirement Plan, National Employment Savings Trust, Oak Pension Asset Management, Railways Pension Trustee Company, HSBC, Local Pensions Partnership, Pensions Caixa 30, AMP Capital, BT Financial Group, First State Super, Future Fund, QIC, QSuper, FirstRand, Old Mutual Group, Compagnia di San Paolo, OPTrust and Pensioenfonds PGB.

The subscription year runs from 1 January to 31 December of each calendar year. For details about the subscription rate for Institute membership and any other details, please contact:

Paul Deane-Williams, Director, Thinking Ahead Institute

For further information please download our brochure.

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